Minds and Brains


19/02/2024 (Monday)

8.00 - 9.30 pm

The Adelaide

Presented by Roger Jennings

What is the relationship between our minds and our brains? Can consciousness be reduced to neurobiological processing within the brain? Can it be equated with exhibited forms of behaviour or functioning? Do our brains work much like computers and, if so, might computers think and feel? Can we reject the reduction of consciousness to physical processes without having to accept dualism i.e. belief in the existence of two fundamentally different kinds of substance, namely mind and matter? If we reject the notion of the human mind as a ‘ghost in a machine’, can we retain any meaningful notion of the human self. What is the relationship between ourselves as conscious beings and the physical reality we observe? Can we, in any meaningful sense, be said to create it? Is there any other type of reality we might be said to create? A paper examining these and related issues can be accessed via the following link: