West London Philosophy

We were able to re-start our philosophy activities, post-Covid lockdowns, etc, on October 17th 2022 with an interesting debate on ‘Justice, Fairness and Altruism’ and Jane O’Grady led a very informative Saturday School on ‘The Problematic Self’ for us on 3rd December. In both cases the turn-out was very good – many thanks to the speakers and to all who turned up and engaged in the discussions. This gives us confidence that we can return to our (approximately) monthly meetings in the Events Room at the Adelaide pub in Teddington

Please see the List of Upcoming Events for more details

We intend to run ten philosophy events per year (approximately monthly except in July and August). They are open for anyone to attend. We plan to run both Saturday afternoon events and evening events, which will be held on a weekday

Saturday events should run from 2-5pm. Whenever they are presented by guest professional philosophers there is an attendance charge of £10.

Evening events run from 8-9.30pm. They are presented by one or more of our regular attendees, & there is an attendance charge of £3 to pay for accommodation.

All events are held in the upstairs meeting room at The Adelaide Public House, Park Road, Teddington (close to Teddington railway station, with plenty of free car parking in the adjacent roads).