An Open Discussion on Morality


16/10/2023 (Monday)

8.00 - 9.30 pm

The Adelaide

All questions considered – including what Moral Relativism is; can we each adopt our own subjective opinions on morality or are there objective standards that we should follow? If so, how do these principles affect society and whose authority are we to follow when deciding what moral norms should be shaped like?  Is deciding what is right (“moral”) or wrong (“immoral” and even “amoral”) an illusionary endeavour given a deterministic world or do these terms have real meaning?  Come along on October 16th and join in the debate. After a short introduction to the topic, we are all invited to have our say on the topic. The paper ‘Who’s To Say?’ by Michael-John Turp airs some of the arguments here – see: Who’s To Say? | Issue 156 | Philosophy Now. Do have a look at it and join in with the debate with your own thoughts.