Hegel and Progress


24/02/2018 (Saturday)

2.00 - 5.00 pm

The Adelaide

A Saturday School presented by Phil Walden

What does Hegel mean by the increasing instantiation of rational principles as history unfolds?  Surely, history is characterised by good and bad in equal measure (or good and evil if you prefer)?  Not according to Hegel.  The Swabian philosopher has been subject to various charges of arrogance or the like by such illustrious figures as Bertrand Russell and Karl Popper (and many more).  Whilst acknowledging that Hegel made mistakes, the speaker will try to show that his philosophical system and philosophical method represented a high point in philosophy which we have yet to recover, let alone surpass. This is not a hagiography, but I hope to show how Hegel might help us with the problems of today such as entrenched neoliberalism and postmodernism.